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What is Bac2work?

Bac2Work utilizes advanced biologically-active ingredients to digest and consume the organic soilage and uric acid salts found in and around toilets, urinals, toilet floors and walls. Because it removes the “food” for bad-smelling bacteria, Bac2Work completely deodorises toilets and urinals that have had a history of bad odours and generating complaints from people using the facilities. Bac2Work has a sustained action that keeps it working as long as soilage is present, so it keeps on cleaning and deodorizing even after the cleaner has left the room. Bac2Work is classified as Non-Hazardous according to the criteria of Safe Work Australia.

Key Benefits

  • Positively stops foul-smelling odours in toilets and urinals
  • Keeps on digesting stains until the soilage is gone
  • Has no effect on surfaces other than cleaning and deodorising
  • Non-hazardous product, so it is safe to use
  • Works brilliantly in waterless urinal systems

How Does It Work?

Bac2Work is a carefully formulated, stable liquid suspension that contains bacterial spores that are harmless to humans. When the product is added to water or toilet waste, the bacteria begin to grow and, in the process, consume the organic waste matter that is present. This matter gets broken down ultimately into carbon dioxide and simple water-soluble molecules. This process stops the growth of bad-smelling bacteria by removing their food supply. This makes Bac2Work an excellent odour neutraliser. It also contains a pleasant mint perfume for added product appeal.

For Use On…

Bac2Work is designed for use on porcelain and stainless steel toilet bowls, urinals, vitreous enamel baths and basins, shower recesses, ceramic tiles, stainless steel benches, sinks and troughs. It may be used on all hard, shiny washable surfaces. Because Bac2Work is biologically-active, it must not be mixed with disinfectants, sanitisers, hot water or strong chemicals as these materials will de-activate the good bacteria that are present and needed for the product to work.


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