Cultural Choice Luxury Toilet Roll 2 Ply 400 Sheet x 48 Rolls

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Cultural Choice Toilet Roll’s are a great option for adding to your workplace or  even your home. The paper is made using FSC certified materials meaning that they’re responsibly sourced and a great environmentally friendly option. The packaging also features traditional Aboriginal art design created by the Kamilaroi peoples.
Each tissue has a 2 ply construction that’s soft and gentle to use.
  • Perfect for commercial or even your home.
  • There are 400 sheets  per roll and 48 rolls per carton
  • This product is FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.
  • They’re constructed from wood pulp.
  • This product falls under the ‘Supporting Communities’ range, meaning it’s designed by a local partner with a focus on giving back to the community, so you can make a positive difference to people and the planet through the purchases you make.
  • By choosing Cultural Choice products, you are directly supporting the work of Cultural Choice Association Inc which was established to assist in the prevention of Aboriginal and Torres Islander youth suicide and its related causes in Australia


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