Deb, Oxy-Bac, Antibacterial Soap1tr Ctn/6

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About OxyBAC® FOAM Wash

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  • Unique anibacterial agent – contains Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, a patented synergistic blend of commonly used ingredients that, when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2,O2) is extremely effective at killing bacteria.
  • No potential for bacterial resistance – When in contact with bacteria (H2,O2) releases free radicals that act non-specifically on multiple cell targets to kill the bacteria in a way that does not induce resistance.
  • Skin hypoallergenic – Formulated to have low allergic potential to the skin and assessed by an independent toxicologist to be declared as “Skin Hypoallergenic”.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide safer for the environment – Unlike all other antibacterial agents, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) simply breaks down into oxygen and water, ensuring it does not leave any toxic environmental contamination after use.
  • Rich-Cream Foam – Combines mild amphoteric surfactant with organic stabilising molecules to create a rich-cream foam formula with excellent skin-feel properties both during and after use.
  • Food Safe – Perfume-free and dye-free formula has been independently tested and found not to have the potential to taint food or cause any adverse toxicological effects. Products and dispensers are
    certified by HACCP International.
  • Excellent cleaning – specifically formulated to provide an effective physical cleaning action for use in all food industry environments where greasy hands are encountered.


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