Deb Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 4ltr x 4 refills

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About Suprega Plus Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser

Features & Benefits

  • Effective – Cleaning power is derived from specially developed cleaning agents which remove a variety of
  • Neutral pH – Less likely to dry the skin.
  • Fragranced – This yellow flowing gel has a light citrus odour making it pleasant to use.
  • Gentle – Cares for the hands whilst the Lanolin derivatives prevent skin dryness, chapping and
  • Humectant – Helps to protect against dryness.
  • Natural Cornmeal Scrubbers – Deep cleaning without damaging the skin.
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified Product – This product has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of Good Environmental Choice Australia PCPv4.1i-2013 Personal Care Products Standard. See

Suprega Plus SDS

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