Purell TFX 1200ml GEL CTN of 4

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PURELL® Antiseptic Hand Gel
1200 mL Refill for PURELL® TFX™ Dispenser
Hand sanitising gel, can be used as a SURGICAL HAND RUB to significantly reduce the number of bacteria on the hands and forearms with sustained effect, prior to surgery or patient care.

Dual Formula, can be used as a hand sanitser as well as a waterless surgical scrub in healthcare settings
1.1 mL efficacious use as Alcohol Based Hand Rub or 3mL for 120 seconds as Waterless Surgical Scrub
3-hour broad spectrum residual efficacy
Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness
Fragrance, dye and CHG-free
Fast-drying formula with skin conditioners
Made with 100% naturally renewable ethanol
Biodegradable formula
Certified by Ecospecifier Global GreenTag™ and EcoLogo™ to meet their standard (UL 2784) for hand cleaners and hand soaps
HALAL certified
SMART-FLEX™ bottle design uses 30% less material than HDPE

5491 SDS


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