Tasman Exeldet Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 5Ltr

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EXELDET LEMON has a wide variety of uses including hand dishwashing operations in all institutional areas such as hospitals, food service, clubs and restaurants. The highly active biodegradable synthetic wetting agents in EXELDET LEMON ensure that the toughest soils and grease are removed to leave crockery and cutlery sparkling clean.

• Phosphate free formulation to protect the environment.
• Highly concentrated to ensure economy in use.
• Neutral pH ensuring EXELDET LEMON is safe to use on all surface including aluminium.
• Free rinsing and self draining leaving crockery and cutlery streak free, water spot free and sparkling clean.
• Mild on hands.
• Penetrates soil quickly and rapidly emulsifies all food soils and grime.


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