Tasman SUPRA RINSE specialised drying agent, 5 Litre

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SUPRA RINSE is a green moderately viscous liquid and contains ingredients which, when mixed with water at 60-90°C rapidly lowers the surface tension of water and prevents water from forming droplets on a surface. This product is equally effective in both soft and hard water as it contains a water softener and antiscaling agents. SUPRA RINSE eliminates the need for manual toweling of washed articles, thus reducing the possibility of spreading pathogenic organisms due to this method of drying. SUPRA RINSE is safe on all metals normally found in the construction of dish washing and glass washing machines.

♦ Effective in hard or soft water.
♦ Eliminates spotting and streaking.
♦ Safe on metals and plastic-ware.
♦ Economical to use.
♦ Contains an antiscaling agent.
♦ Colour coded for safety and identification.


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