Urinal Screen – Citrus (Translucent Yellow)- Pkt/10

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The Wave urinal screens freshen urinals for 30 days. 15 times more fragrance is gradually released over 30 days than a vinyl urinal screen. Anti-splash nibs diffuse urine stream and prevents splashing onto walls and floors. Saves up to 50% in cleaning time. A used Wave will shrink by 30% in 30 days, highlighting time to change screen, and can be used in all urinals.

Urinal Screens Features:
* Eliminates odors: Releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odors.
* Lasts Longer: Gradual fragrance release ensures 30-day performance.
* Saves Time & Money: Revolutionary design reduces splash back while optimizing fragrance release – cutting cleaning time by up to 50%.
* Translucent Design: Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow.
* Watch It Work: Shrinks in size as it releases beneficial bacteria, odor counteractants and fragrance.
* Flexible: Conforms to the urinal to trap debris

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